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Tell Us Your Story

Welcome to our site! We created this platform because we wanted to honor Starbucks alumni’s and Green Apron Alliance members' unique histories and the legacies passed on that have made a difference in the world.


With this site, we hope to share the power of your stories which display the talents, diversity, impact, and passion of your work with others. Bring us any and all inspired stories about service, community, and any other cherished memories.


So, sit back, relax, and reflect on the legacy you and others created together at Starbucks. Basically, Tell Us Your Story!


The Green Apron Alliance is proud to share Green Apron Stories, a place where we can see the images and stories for how we contributed to Starbucks and how Starbucks contributed to us.

Green Apron Alliance - Who We Are:
VISION: To be the renowned global community for Starbucks alumni helping them achieve their greatest good.
MISSION: A space for Starbucks alumni to achieve their dreams and make the world a better place by amplifying a legacy of service, caring, and humanity.
VALUES: We are here to connect Starbucks alumni seeking a renewed sense of purpose in an inspiring community they can trust.

Green Apron Alliance is a non-profit built by volunteers for Starbucks alumni.

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