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Jennifer Ames-Karreman
Jan 23, 2021
In Cherished Memories
After getting married, along with my husband, we flew to Tokyo for our honeymoon. We spent four days in that unbelievable city, but with a lot of communication difficulties, because the Japanese hardly speak in English. On our first morning, we had breakfast at a Starbucks near to our hotel. I was looking for something familiar in a far away from home city. It was fantastic to feel a little bit at home, with known beverages and the same Christmas decoration. We ordered our beverages and food, and we sit in a table looking at the foodcase. I couldn’t resist myself and I took my camera, but, immediately, I saw the sign that forbids taking pictures. So I got closer to a Barista and showed her my business card saying: “I’m Marcela, Partner from Argentina”. Her eyes opened widely as she couldn’t believe my words. I showed her my camera, and she let me take pictures. While I was there I felt how much she wanted to talk to me, and I also wanted to… but because of our language barrier, it was impossible. I went back to my seat to finish my breakfast when I saw her approaching to me. She gave me the card “Welcoming” and tried to explain me its meaning. I said “I Know”, showing her my understanding of the cards meaning. I was moved by the situation, because she found the way, with the Starbucks green apron behaviors, of telling me how happy she was to having me at her store. I think I said “Arigato” for twenty times… the truth is that I wanted to hug her, but because their cultural behaves (they avoid the body contact), I couldn’t. My husband saw the situation and asked me: “What did she give you? A free beverage?” and I said “She gave me something better than that”. Attached you will find my picture with the partner (sorry for my face, I had jet lag). Unfortunately, I cannot find the card, but I can tell you that the store was near the Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel. I think that the store’s name is Shiba-Daimon. It would be wonderful if she receives this letter and realizes how special her gift was for me. Marcela Bonomo Partner – Starbucks Coffee Argentina
Jennifer Ames-Karreman

Jennifer Ames-Karreman

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