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Jim Alling
Mar 10, 2021
In Cherished Memories
I was having a 1:1 meeting in Orin’s office when it hit. At the first jolt, I looked out the window and said "I think we are having an earthquake." I looked back across his desk and Orin's chair was empty, then from under the desk I heard "Yea, I think so." I ran around to his side of the desk to go under with him for shelter, but it was one of those newer contemporary desks and I would have had to squeeze my face right up against his butt…not to say that I had never been accused of being a "butt kisser" before, but I didn't really want to be found in the rubble in that socially awkward position…so I chose death with dignity and kneeled down in the middle of his office to ride it out. A Michael Jordan autographed basketball then came bouncing in my direction and I grabbed it and put it over my head to deflect any potential falling debris. Finally the shaking and swaying stopped. Orin got up, looked over at me and asked if I was OK and then asked "what are you doing with my basketball?" After I explained he retorted…"well next time, try to find something less valuable than my Michael Jordan ball." Fast forward to his retirement and in his last week, Orin came by and ceremoniously gave me the basketball…something I will always treasure.
Jim Alling

Jim Alling

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